University Access Scheme of Work

This University Access Scheme of Work, developed with the University of Sussex and the University of Warwick, offers a fully-resourced series of lessons that provide pupils with an introduction to a number of the key factors they ought to consider when applying to university.

Each lesson is modest in its aims; acting as a stepping stone that allows pupils to go away and find out more about the key factors, rather than a comprehensive and definitive guide to applying to university. Because of this, the lessons will hopefully complement other aspects of university applications provision that is already taking place in school. Please feel free to edit the resources to meet your particular needs.

How do I use it?

The scheme of work has been designed to require as little preparation as possible for teachers other than a limited amount of photocopying. The main resource that pupils will need is the Course Handbook, which can be photocopied and given to pupils at the start of the first lesson. Every lesson includes a basic PowerPoint presentation and most also include additional handouts.

How does it work?

Whilst the lessons are designed to be approximately 45 minutes in duration, they each follow a standard starter-main-plenary structure and can easily be condensed (by covering some rather than all activities) or extended (by fleshing out or adding new activites).

Throughout the scheme of work reference is made to two pupil profile case studies, which can be used as raw material to help pupils apply what they are learning in lessons to a realistic context. The intended next step is for pupils to then apply this to their own experience/situation. However, the lessons should still work as normal if you choose to replace the case studies with your pupils’ own experience/situation. Indeed, this is often more engaging than ‘make believe’ examples.